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Africa’s “Peoples Trade” Boom Is Struggling

 Africa’s “Peoples Trade” Boom Is Struggling Perbesar

Africa’s “Peoples Trade” Boom Is Struggling

Africa’s “Peoples Trade” Boom Is Struggling


Stories of Africans selling their kidneys for pennies, countless children being sold outside Africa, and thousands of women who fled Africa are sadly still something we hear today.



The more we hear that the government is holding back this threat, the more we watch helplessly as more and more people are trafficked for useless things. Most of the traders from Africa have become the Newest Day “Judas”. They have created their trade that most countries are not aware of when this “people’s trade” is happening before their eyes.

Africa has become home to extreme poverty, government corruption and armed conflict that has left many people on the continent. Unfortunately, their strong desire to flee Africa makes them worse off than they were in Africa when they left.

Disagreements between the countries of the continent have exacerbated the high risk of “human trafficking”. Human trafficking is a major problem in Africa, especially with weak law enforcement agencies and open borders.

The exact number of Africans abducted by human traffickers is unknown. These people become smarter through their exams working with many international institutions. The business is profitable and with the money available, vulnerable Africans are trafficked into human beings.

Unfortunately, even educated people fell victim to these traders and were eventually sent to various countries as slaves. Gender inequality especially among women, lack of education, unemployment and poverty drive people to become victims of themselves when they leave Africa.

Traffickers are mostly criminal gangs that use sophisticated networks and information technology to run their business. Sometimes they post jobs and exploit job seekers as their victims. Violence and coercion are the order of the day, with deadly oaths taken on victims to be enslaved by these traffickers.


Interesting facts about “People’s Trade” in Africa


No African country fully complies with the Trafficking in Persons Protection Act (TVPA), which is the minimum standard for combating trafficking. About 40% of girls will be born before they turn 18.



While forced or early marriage is common in some countries, these young girls are vulnerable to serious health risks, domestic and sexual violence, but they are also tempted to be trafficked.

We must not forget that armed conflict has created opportunities to sell children without a trace. Children and women are subjected to “trafficking” in Africa and are easily facilitated by the continent’s cultural climate. Most of these traffickers are close to their victims, either as friends, family, or religious leaders.



Indeed, most African countries are trying to combat this “trafficking in persons” and many are reaping the rewards of their efforts. However, more work is needed, from equipping law enforcement agencies with state-of-the-art equipment and training to educating residents.

Unfortunately, the delusion of leaving Africa to live in countries with “gold-plated” floors and money growing on trees doesn’t help. Most people don’t want to hear about the dangers associated with this illegal movement.


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