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Entertainment · 10 Sep 2021 00:00 WIB ·

Meet the bullied overweight African boy who became one of the strongest men in the world

 Meet the bullied overweight African boy who became one of the strongest men in the world Perbesar

Meet the bullied overweight African boy who became one of the strongest men in the world

Cheick Ahmed al-Hassan Sanou’s problem is obesity. At the age of 16, in his native Burkina Faso, he weighs 122 kg and measures 190 cm with a chest of 48 inches. Bibi, as she is called, was born in 1992 and is very different from her siblings. He was actually born tall at birth and weighed almost five pounds.



Even though he was shaking and tall, he wanted to be a sprinter. Bibi told the BBC: “But every time I ran and my body shook, the kids at school would burst out laughing and point at me when I called out ‘Fat Boy’. It was like giving them entertainment, so I gave up – but I never stopped being an athlete.”


He was physically embarrassed when he tried gymnastics. Every time he landed on the mat, his body’s overreaction was something he could never remember. He was eager to do somersaults and somersaults, which he learned and practiced with his siblings until he mastered the skill.


In the end, he got used to the fun and tyranny he was in, but he hated himself for being fat. Despite being the youngest in her class, she looks several years older than everyone else, including her older brother.



He endured the physical shame without a fight until he discovered he was extremely strong. When his brother traveled abroad, he looked for ways to lose weight.


He started eating bananas and lettuce, but that didn’t work, and he took Burkinabe’s meal, which is peanut butter and rice soup. Eventually he left Africa and went to Canada where he hit the gym. Life begins to matter when he is selected to be a part of the basketball team.


However, during his student life, he started using Coaching with weights. “I’ve noticed that a lot of people in the gym have trouble lifting heavy weights, but for me it’s relatively easy.” He was so good at weightlifting that he won his first weightlifting competition, and he entered the national weightlifting championship.


“My brothers called me Aunt and the name followed me, but when I started to become known for powerlifting, I became Iron Aunt,” she recalls. As Iron Aunt, she began to improve and climb the ladder of success. “My plan is to become the strongest man in the world and bring the title of strongest man in the world to Burkina Faso,” he said.


Iron Biby has been an inspiration to many burkinabes who are ready to change their world in their careers. He was able to humiliate those who once mocked him as a fat man, as a strong man determined to become the strongest man in the world. This gave him the hope and courage he wanted to make a difference and be a role for those who are ashamed of their bodies.



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