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Nollywood movies that make you want to travel

 Nollywood movies that make you want to travel Perbesar

Nollywood films have touched all areas of our lives. There are films that even motivate people to propose trips abroad, especially in places where they are filmed.


30 days in Atlanta


Most people who have seen this film will probably say that it belongs to one of the films discussed above. AY Makun, better known as AY, made the film in the United States and Lagos. 30 Days In Atlanta is a romantic comedy that manages to captivate audiences and make them take a vacation to the locations where the film was made.


mirror child


The film revolves around the life of Genevieve Nnaji’s 12 year old son. You won’t blink your eyes when you see that kid trying to be accepted into London. After watching this film, you will immediately start planning your vacation in Gambia or London at the exact location where it was shot. The unexplored sites of the Gambia will motivate you and make you even more curious and desperate to spend your holiday in Gambia.


Oku Baby in America


The title alone will make you smile. The presence of a Nigerian woman, Mercy Johnson, who is admired by many, makes America feel more down to earth than it really is, and seduces the audience and encourages them to travel to America. During filming, the active cameraman skillfully captured the beautiful streets of America with his quality cameras and aroused the desire to spend a vacation in America.





The name Iyore sounds simple, but the film tells an unpleasant story. This time, the film doesn’t take you overseas, but reveals old places you haven’t seen in Benin City. Iyore is a tragic love story that may not make you laugh but makes you realize. The setting and story are made clear to appeal to Nigerians of origin who are abroad and those who are in Nigeria but are not ready to leave the country for a vacation to visit the beautiful places brought by the 3 holy virgins in the film. . Actress Rita Dominic played Osarugwe in the film, and this film, which stole the hearts of many, won the honor of being nominated for the Academy of Ten Golden Icons 2014.


Adambano in London


Who has never heard of this comedy genre film which teaches many teenagers to seek wealth. Adambano, Oueen Nwokoye, is a tool to showcase the beauty of London. He has taken us to many places that will chase your dreams, make your mouth water and make you yearn for a London vacation.


Here are some Nollywood movies that might make you want to go on vacation.



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