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San People In Botswana

 San People In Botswana Perbesar

San People In Botswana

San People In Botswana


There are many interesting cultures and traditions that you will encounter when you come to Africa. We will talk about the San People of Botswana, who are often referred to as hunter-gatherers or Bushmen.



Hunters and gatherers were evicted from their lands in the 1950s and warned not to hunt on their property. They ended up becoming farmers because they couldn’t hunt anymore. Gathering herbs and plants for food or medicine to feed themselves as their numbers are reduced due to their limitations.

San lives in a remote area called Metsimantle. You will be interested to know that these people are considered to be the oldest people on earth, with a history of erosion of cultural identity, social exclusion, denial of rights and discrimination.

San is not extravagant and luxurious when it comes to food. They make sure that any part of the animal they kill is used as food. Water is hard to find and they overcome this problem by digging holes in the sand before filling it with water. Most often they are seen with ostrich egg shells for water storage.



They believed that the land should not be worked and the moon was amazed too. People worship praying mantis. There are four rituals that San follows;

  1. Boy’s first murder
  2. Puberty girl is marriage
  3. The trance dance.


When the girls first menstruated, they were isolated in their huts. There are many oral traditions that the San must adhere to, and some of these stories may come in the form of stories about local gods dealing with good behavior.

Rain dance and healing dance or grand healing dance are rituals in which everyone should be involved. In the trance dance, the dancers are transported to the spirit realm, where they can ask for mercy for the sick souls of the locals.



The locals stomach is very versatile and strong. They can eat nuts, insects, lizards, turtles, onions, tubers, birds and many small animals. The San Hunter lifestyle had held them back for a lod lifestyle that can blow you away.

The San are threatened by civilization and struggle to keep their culture alive.


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