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Surma People

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surma people

Surma People


Surma lives in southwest Ethiopia, a land of mystery and suspense. Women are famous for the lip plates they wear. People raise livestock, which is considered an important commodity for people.



A man may need to own up to 60 cattle before he can marry. Before the marriage can take place, a man is expected to give livestock in exchange for the bride’s family. In the dry season, people drink animal blood instead of milk.

The women are famous for the lip plates they wear, which are made of clay. Body scares are common in both men and women. The men engage in tribal battles involving sticks, dongas. If you find a Suri man with a scar, it means that he must have killed someone from a rival tribe.



The people have a sky god which they call Tumu. People have a strong belief in fortune tellers and female spirits. Rainmaking was a common skill that was passed down from one person to another. A stick fight is a ceremonial event where the men fight to win over their bride. However, this stick fight is dangerous and many people have died from it.

Married women change every household while men make decisions. The women were not allowed to discuss their opinions. These women are considered beautiful and strong with their lip plates. Surma women beautify their skin with intricate scarification marks. Children and women also adorn themselves with flowers and white clay patterns.



During puberty, many young women have their lower teeth removed so that their lower lip can be pierced. When lips are pierced, they are stretched to accommodate the lip plate.

The Surma are a couple of Africans who share a pretty strange culture and lifestyle. No matter how they were perceived by outsiders, these people lived the lives they loved. As culture differs from place to place, beauty is also valued.

If you remember to check out these people, you can visit them and learn more about them. We can tell you that Ethiopia is the perfect place for your holiday. Nothing prevents you from coming to the Surma community to experience this culture firsthand. Do you find these people strange? How do you feel about their culture?


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