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The End Of Malaria In Africa: A Malaria Vaccine

 The End Of Malaria In Africa: A Malaria Vaccine Perbesar

The End Of Malaria In Africa: A Malaria Vaccine

The End Of Malaria In Africa: A Malaria Vaccine


How would you feel if you never had malaria again? Mosquitoes have suddenly become meaningless in our lives because their bites are harmless. The death rate suddenly dropped and our loved ones stopped dying from malaria. The future is almost here as we wait for the malaria vaccine to be tested in Africa. The vaccine was touted as a possible breakthrough in the search for a permanent solution.


Early trials of the malaria vaccine showed an effectiveness of about 77%. If the vaccine succeeds, the world will defeat one of humanity’s greatest killers. Billions of dollars would be saved and pregnancy in Africa could be less complicated when it comes to malaria. Anticipating the eradication of malaria is the message the world needs.

Malaria kills many people in Africa every year, most of them children in sub-Saharan Africa. Imagine how many people have lost their lives to this deadly disease. The world has been experimenting with vaccines for this reason for years. However, this is the first time we have had a positive result.

The public impact of vaccines on the world is enormous. The vaccine has been tested on 450 children in Burkina Faso and has been shown to be safe. The vaccine proved “highly effective” during 12 months of follow-up. The next phase of testing will take place in four African countries, where 5,000 children aged between five months and three years will be tested.


Malaria is preventable, but it can be life-threatening. Unfortunately, malaria has killed more people than the coronavirus and some of the deadliest epidemics.

Most tourists who come to Africa are afraid of contracting malaria. People who don’t have malaria can experience serious complications from being bitten by mosquitoes in Africa.

The World Health Organization (WHO) provides an estimate of 229 million cases and 409,000 deaths worldwide for 2019. The number could be higher due to a lack of accurate data. Malaria begins with symptoms such as fever, headache, and chills.


If malaria is not treated, it can cause serious illness and often death. So far, the malaria vaccine has only been shown to be 55% effective in studies on African children. This is not the first time we have had hope of containing this threat. Vaccines against malaria have been introduced in countries such as Ghana. However, they are not effective against malaria. Trials of a malaria vaccine began in 2019.
The advantage of getting a malaria vaccine is that we have thousands of genes, which is difficult to work with. The world expects phase III vaccine studies to be positive. Everyone wants positive results.

A proven malaria vaccine would relieve Africa of the huge amount of money currently being spent on the disease to address several other problems. Do you see this vaccine coming to fruition?


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