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Top Competing Bands at Calabar Carnival

 Top Competing Bands at Calabar Carnival Perbesar

Top Competing Bands at Calabar Carnival

The Calabar Carnival has turned into an annual event that combines the skills in color, cultural diversity, choreography skills, musical concepts and costumes of five different bands. Beautiful uniqueness and very high enthusiasm. You don’t want to miss one of the presentations given by the parade band. When you watch this band perform, you are bound to develop a love and passion for any group and confusion is common especially when choosing a favorite band and it can be very difficult if you are not a fan of any group yet.


Bayside band

Bayside’s unique musical color is blue. The blue color was used to make some beautiful costumes for the different bands in this group. The Bayside is the winner of the competition in 2007. How the dance is presented, moves and seduces creativity to join a musical group.


Masta Blasta Band

The music of the Masta Blasta group is sure to be a favorite of millions of people over the years. Maybe because they always win at Carnival every time. The color of the group band is orange which makes it look very attractive. The uniqueness of this band in every way makes them the biggest band during Calabar Carnival, they march and take a lot of loot. The band attracts all visitors to the carnival and definitely brings everyone in, especially with their distinct styles of music and dancing.


Seagull band

This band is known as “celebrity group music”. Because if you haven’t seen some Nigerian celebrities then you will definitely see them in bands that help bands and attract huge audiences. Celebrities are seen by everyone present dancing in some beautiful and stunning costumes. They appeared all over the place when it was time for their presentation. They dyed the city red in their quirky red costumes and proudly looked fit. Most of the members are celebrities from Nollywood. That’s why they attract people who are always in focus.



Freedom ribbon

For them, yellow is the new black. Freedom Group’s music is known for their black emancipation, and when they come out, the surroundings automatically turn yellow. It has 10 troops and these troops consist of different colors to make very nice costumes. They believe that the sun is theirs and they do not shy away from this claim during the Carnival parade in Calabar. They wow people with their yellow color combination that makes them stand out at the carnival.

Passion 4 volumes

The Passion 4 Band clearly took home the trophy, they are four times winners of the competition. The superior nature of the group has succeeded in not only selecting the members, but selecting them and passing the auditions. The Passion 4 The band is good and they stand out next to other groups and are also not afraid of other groups, which makes them feared by other groups.


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