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West Africa of The Medieval World: History and Culture

 West Africa of The Medieval World Perbesar

West Africa of The Medieval World

West Africa of The Medieval World


In pre-colonial West Africa, the Mali Empire was considered one of the most powerful and largest empires controlling trans-Saharan trade. The Mali Empire was great at literature, mathematics, the arts and much more to attract fortune seekers and explorers.



Timbuktu was one of the most desirable major cities in the Mali Empire.NSCentury. The people of Timbuktu were widespread in the trade in gold, salt, ivory and salt, making it an important trading city in ancient times. Timbuktu is a city that loves the world with its prosperity.



Timbuktu became the “Paris of the Medieval World” where people came for many things, mainly as a bastion of learning. The ancient world would not want to do without Timbuktu, which is like sweeter honey. Islamic scholars met in this city inspired by Timbuktu’s academic scholarship, intellectual fertility, and pearls of wisdom.



Academic NSNS The centuries have given many people around the world the opportunity to study science, art, mathematics, and religion. People like Cristobal Benitez, Heinrich Barth, Mungo Park and Leo Africanus came to Africa because of Timbuktu.

One of the richest men who ever lived on earth, Mansa Musa was the leader of this city. Moses came on a pilgrimage to Mecca, where he put the world with his great wealth on ice. Musa showed me a large caravan of more than 60,000 people with camels, horses, and the color gold. He spent so much money that it affected Egypt’s inflation rate.



Musa brought renowned architect EsSaheli to Timbuktu to build a stunning mosque, royal palace, stately home and the largest library in ancient Africa. Musa’s wealth increasingly attracts Timbuktu’s attention. Today, Moses is considered a rich man whose value may have surpassed the current billionaires on earth.

We love Africa! When you think of a place where you will be embraced by a rich culture and tradition, Africa has you covered. Over the years we have seen dramatic and extraordinary changes in the way people live in this part of the world – thanks to technology. But the most beautiful stories can still be told in an epic and natural way. Tourists love Africa because it is raw, naive, experienced, beautiful and ugly. There’s still something from the past to look at boldly during your visit.


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