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Zulu People: People of Heaven

 Zulu People: People of Heaven Perbesar

Zulu People: People of Heaven

Zulu People: People of Heaven


South Africa is a country full of interesting sights and romantic destinations. The country is a hospitable host to foreigners from different parts of the world. The Zulu people live amidst this beautiful and alluring landscape. The Zulu people have a rich culture and traditions that make them popular with tourists.



You can enrich your South African vacation with an immersive experience if you get to know the culture of these people. It always helps to know the culture of the people of each country you visit before arriving in the country. We’ve listed some of the things that made the Zulu people famous. They are called “people of heaven” and there is a reason for that.


Kwa-Zulu Natal warrior tribe


On the 19thIn the 19th century, the Kwa-Zulu Natal warrior tribe became legendary for their military exploits. They waged a protracted war against Britain and became the soul of the people of South Africa.

They merged with the Bantus to become a major ethnic group in the country. The Zulu people have changed South African culture and history. Today people live in Kwa-Zulu Natal as well as in parts of Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania.


Zulu culture


The Zulu exercise authority in their homes. The male is dominant and takes care of the family, livestock, and wife. The women took care of their children, made beer and stoves.

Beadwork is an important part of the fabric of Zulu culture, used as a form of symbolism and communication. People wear pearls depending on their marital status. Zulu dances symbolize warrior traditions and social beliefs.

Inungu drums are an important part of their celebration, which is accompanied by singing and dancing. You can find this drum in every celebration and traditional ritual such as weddings or women’s ceremonies.

Zulu dances celebrate the special moments of society. Every important event comes with a special dance. Indlamu is a traditional war dance between two dancers performed at a wedding.


Zulu Traditions


People’s traditions are an integral part of their society. Human culture is based on ancestral strength and spirituality. Zulu is celebrated in the course of life; from birth, puberty, marriage to death.



They have many rituals that they perform to pay homage to the soul of their deceased. They also do this by invoking blessings from the deceased.


Zulu clothes


The expression of community sustainability and traditionalism can be seen from their clothes. People dress minimally and lead a simple lifestyle. Their women’s clothing indicated their age, eligibility as a girl, and marital status.

For the men, they use accessories on their clothes to show off their military skills. Only married men wear warrior headbands, signifying the importance of marriage.


Zulu cuisine


The Zulu reflect their culture and history when you try their local cuisine. People have a vegetarian diet made of vegetables and whole grains despite living in the midst of wildlife and wilderness.

If you are thinking of coming to South Africa, this information can be important to help you on your journey around the country. With the information provided, you should be prepared to have a rich experience in South Africa and Zulu in South Africa.


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